Many online stores choose to ship across Hong Kong shipping hub for a lot of different reasons. Shipping through Hong Kong has a lot of benefits, whether you’re a business in China shipping to the US, the UK, or Australia, or a store outside of Asia that ships to Asian countries. Now let’s look at the most important reasons why your shipment should ship through Hong Kong shipping hub.

Located strategically and Global Link

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Located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is easy to access from most places on Earth. It can be reached from most major cities in China, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Also, it is one of the routes of the world’s most popular airlines.
This makes it a hot spot for a logistics business. Hong Kong shipping hub has many advantages when it comes to attracting new businesses and getting entrepreneurs to take on new challenges.

Statistics Analysis of The Hong Kong-Mainland Trade

The exchange between Guangdong province and Hong Kong shipping hub has been much greater than trade between other provinces, cities, and autonomous regions for a long time. This shows that Hong Kong shipping hub’s most important role in dual circulation supply chains is to serve the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

Hong Kong shipping hub is an important part of the supply chain for the information needed to predict the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the social well-being of the Yangtze River Delta region.

This strong growth is likely because local industries have been growing by huge amounts in recent years and because many local businesses are willing to use Hong Kong shipping hub facilities and shipping costs to ship products to other nations and regions.

In the chart below you can see the statistics of the General goods shipping between Hong Kong and the mainland China:

Hong Kong shipping to mainland china

It’s Closeness to China’s Strong Manufacturing Sector

The most important thing about Hong Kong shipping hub is that it is right in the middle of the major shipping routes in the Asia-Pacific region and is very well connected to the rest of China.
It is the fourth-largest seaport in the world and is close to the two most important shipping cities, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Free Ports of Hong Kong

Hong Kong shipping hub is known worldwide as the center of finance and business and has some of the lowest rates in the world. Because of its free trade policy, Hong Kong shipping hub is the eighth-largest trading area in the world. It also has the world’s busiest container port. Goods moving in and out of Hong Kong’s free trade zones and free hubs do not have to go through trade barriers. This provides a lot of help and access to markets worldwide while also taking advantage of transportation and changing goods.

The Great Shipping Technology in Hong Kong

It is the fourth-largest port in the world in terms of size and number of facilities. It has the most up-to-date ports and storage options. The ships have a lot of great features and technology.
The carriers are high-tech and easy for customers. This makes it much easier to get the best service the fastest way. Today, time is very important. So you won’t waste any time if you use these services.

Hong Kong Simple Shipping Procedures| fewer inspections & bureaucracy

Hong Kong shipping has some of the best shipping facilities in the world, and shipping from Hong Kong is also very easy. Because it is so hard to learn shipping procedures in Mainland China, many businesses don’t ship from there. Hong Kong’s business practices are more like those in the West. There aren’t a lot of confusing forms or vast bureaucracies when you’re trying to ship your goods in and out. Shipping from Mainland China to the west is often subject to strict inspections and high tax rates, which slow down delivery and make customers frustrated. Shipping from Hong Kong, on the other hand, doesn’t have these inspections.

Hong Kong Is a Global Business Hub

For better product marketing, businesses need an excellent ecosystem to help them. Hong Kong is in a good spot, has good links, and has an excellent legal system. This makes it easy to make the work environment pleasant. Because of this, it is much easier for businesses to sell their goods if they make Hong Kong their shipping hub. It makes the process run smoothly. Also, it gives it a chance to take the business’s level up like other international companies.

Hong Kong Government Support on Progressing The Logistics Industry

It is also essential to talk about what the Hong Kong government is doing. It is making the most of its resources and expertise, such as its solid legal system and good tax policies. Also, it is putting in place several shipping and logistics solutions and rules to make things easier for users. Not only that, but it is also essential to talk about Hong Kong’s legal system. The policies that are good for the environment go well with the growing awareness about the need to reduce carbon output. Also, it is trying to bring in tax breaks to attract businesses that rent ships.

How to Determine the Best Hong Kong Shipping Agents

One must keep some points in mind while choosing a shipping company or courier service to ship their cargo from Hong Kong shipping hub. Here are some factors that we advise you to keep in mind when you are choosing your freight forwarder:

  • high tech facility
  • real-time tracking and fast delivery
  • Adaptability | warehousing, shipping, return services
  • Wide networks of distributors
  • Digital Proficiency
hong kong shipping

here is a list of some top shipping agents in Hong Kong:

  • CN Logistics
  • On Time
  • General Cargo Asia


As mentioned previously, you know how important Hong Kong shipping hub are in shipping in eastern Asia and how much cheaper and easier it is to ship your goods through HK instead of mainland China due to its lower taxes, clear legal system, and strategic location. DDPHK is specialized in shipping from Hong Kong to all over the world. So feel free to get advice from our team for free. We offer the best services from Hong Kong shipping hub at the most competitive prices.

What are the advantages of shipping from Hong Kong over the mainland China?

lower tax rates, less inspection, simpler procedure, more accessibility.

how does the government of Hong Kong support shipping and business?

clear business laws, low tax rates, less bureaucracy

what are the main factors of a good shipping service?

high tech facility-real-time tracking and fast delivery-Adaptability (warehousing, shipping, return services)-Wide networks of distributors-Digital Proficiency

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