#1 Shipping agent in Hong Kong

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#1 Shipping agent in
Hong Kong

Air, Sea, Express & DDP freight service from HK

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how find best freight cost From Hong Kong?

How it work

Find best price in 3 simple steps

1. collect information and documents

If you want to know how much it costs to ship from Hong Kong to your country, you need to prepare some information and documents, such as a packing list, a proforma invoice, and an MSDS file.

2. Submit shipping quote form

After you fill out the shipping quote form and send us all your information, the DDPHK team will start working on your case and give you the best solution and price.

3. Enjoy

We’ll give you the best price and solution for shipping by air, sea, express, and door-to-door from Hong Kong.

WHY its best

Why DDPHK is the right choice for you


First class Shipping agent in Hong Kong

We are a first-class shipping company in Hong Kong with more than 10 years' experience.

cheapest and most competitive shipping rate

We offer our customers the best shipping cost from Hong Kong and the most competitive rate.

service from Hong Kong to 180 countries

Our shipping service from Hong Kong goes to 180 countries, so don't worry about finding the best services.
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DDP service by air, sea, and express

We offer door-to-door shipping from Hong Kong to your country, so you relax and let us handle everything.

Client support at every stage of shipping

We're with you from A to Z, and you can talk to our sales and customer service staff even on weekends.

Different ways for international payments

We accept payments from around the world through PayPal, Western Union, Bitcoin, and bank transfer.

Air freight from Hong Kong

If you want to ship something from Hong Kong as quickly as possible, air freight is your best option. The DDPHK team can help all customers find the best and most competitive price and the transit time from all of Hong Kong's main airports. From Hong Kong International Airport, we fly to every airport in the world every day. We are happy to help our customers with the shipping process from 1 to 100. We pick up the shipment from the factory or the seller's address in Hong Kong, go through the customs process for export, load the shipment on an airplane, and send it to its final destination.

Cheap for heavy cargo

Sea shipping from Hong Kong

If you want cheapest shipping service from chia for heavy cargo for sure ocean freit service is best option for you,We offer FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping services from Hong Kong. If your shipment is less than 5 CBM, we suggest you use LCL service. If it's more than 5 CBM, you can use FCL service.
We cover all shipping terms, such as Ex-Work, DDP, DDU, FOB, and CIF.
We can handle the customs clearance process for exporting any kind of goods from Hong Kong sea ports.
We're happy to tell all of our customers that they can keep their items in the DDPHK warehouse in Hong Kong for free for 7 days.

super fast delivery

Express courier service From Hong Kong

DDPHK is one of the most important partners for FedEx, UPS, ARAMEX, TNT, and DHL in Hong Kong. We also have a long relationship with Hong Kong Post, which means that our customers always get the best price for courier express shipping from Hong Kong to anywhere in the world. The DDPHK team recommends that customers use Express and courier shipping from Hong Kong if they want to send a package that weighs less than 45 kg.
If you want to buy a sample or send a small package from Hong Kong, you can use this service. Hong Kong Post and is another cheap option.
After you sign up for our service, you can check the cost of shipping and book your shipment online.

a to z with us!

Door to Door shipping service from Hong Kong (DDP)

Door-to-Door (DDP) shipping from Hong Kong is one of DDPHK's most popular services. In Door-to-Door (DDP) shipping, we take care of everything from 1 to 100 for our customers. We pick up the package from the seller in Hong Kong and send it to the destination by sea or air, depending on which shipping method the customer chose. Lastly, we clear the package through customs at the destination for the customer and then deliver it to the customer's door. Door to Door (DDP) is a service we offer from China to places like the UAE, Russia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Taiwan, Singapore, and European countries like Germany, UK, France, Ukraine, Italy, and... We offer door-to-door service by air and by sea from Hong Kong, and we can handle many different kinds of goods, such as general goods, batteries, brands, cosmetics, and clothes. We suggest that you use our Door to Door (DDP) service if you are worried about the customs clearance process in your country. Relax and let our Door to Door (DDP) service take care of you.


still if you have quesion about shipping from Hong Kong
read this list of Frequently Asked Questions

There are many shipping companies out there but not all of them can provide the same level of service. Some are more expensive, while others are cheaper and offer comparable levels of service, The best shipping company is the one that has a low cost, offers good customer service, and has a variety of different services available to its customers. But DDPHK shipping company offer the best shipping service from hong kong and has more than 10 years experience

The shipping time from Hong Kong to the US varies depending on the product type, size, and weight. It can take anywhere for air cargo around 3-5 days and sea freight around 20-35 days.

Shipping from Hong Kong is a popular choice for many businesses, but there are also several advantages.

Cost savings: Shipping from Hong Kong is cheaper than shipping from the UK or the US. This is because of the lower labor costs and taxes in Hong Kong.

International shipping: When you ship from Hong Kong, you can use international shipping, which means that your goods will arrive at their destination faster. This is because you are able to avoid customs and other delays that might happen when reaching your destination country by land or sea. You can also take advantage of customs exemptions on certain goods when shipping internationally which can save you money as well.

Product variety: There are more products available in Hong Kong than there are in many other countries so if you need a product that may not be available elsewhere, it might be easier to find it in Hong Kong than elsewhere.

Air cargo is the most popular mode of transport for international shipments. It is also the cheapest and fastest mode of transport when it comes to transporting goods from one country to another. The benefits of using air cargo are many and varied.

The first and foremost benefit is that air cargo is cheap, as it has no additional charges like land cargo does. Secondly, air cargo is faster than any other means of transportation as you don't have to wait for a ship or a train to arrive at the destination, and thirdly, it's more efficient than any other means of transportation as you get your shipment in one go without having to wait for other shipments.

DDPHK is the best air cargo company in Hong Kong. we provide a wide range of cargo services to both businesses and individuals. They use their own fleet of cargo planes and offer door-to-door delivery service, which means that they take care of all the customs clearance and paperwork for you.
DDPHK offers a variety of cargo services, including air freight, sea freight, and air express. This allows them to offer more flexible rates for their customers.

Sea cargo from Hong Kong is a process that starts with the shipping of goods to a port in Hong Kong. The goods are then unloaded and stored in a warehouse. From there, they are loaded onto ships and transported to their final destination.

The process of sea cargo from Hong Kong can be divided into four parts: loading, unloading, storage, and transportation.



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