Hong Kong has become a popular destination for online shopping. With the increasing demand for online shopping websites in Hong Kong , many companies have established their businesses in Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s online shopping industry is booming. It attracted $3.6 billion in retail sales in 2017 alone, with a growth rate of 10.7% over 2016 figures, and that number is expected to increase by around 20% this year.

The best way to find out which website you should use is to do your research on them first and then compare them based on the following factors:
Price: Compare similar items and see which website has the lowest price for those items with the same quality.
Customer service: Check how responsive the customer service team is when you have an issue with your order or product.
Varieties of products: A store that offers a wider variety of products will be better and more reliable.

List of the top Online Shopping Websites in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a trendy destination for tourists and ex-pats. It is also an important financial hub in Asia. The city has an array of shopping malls, department stores, and boutiques.
Hong Kong’s retail market is among the most competitive ones, with various products and services available at multiple price points.
The mainstays for consumers are Taobao and, two online shopping websites in Hong Kong operating in Hong Kong since 2005 and 2006, respectively.

hktv 1 1

The Group was founded in 1992 and had a lot of experience in liberalizing the telecom market and spreading advanced applications and technologies. HKTVmall is the biggest online shopping websites in Hong Kong that is open 24 hours a day.

It is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited, which is owned by itself. HKTVmall offers all-in-one services, such as online shopping, marketing, online ads, big data analysis, smart logistics and fulfillment, and physical O2O stores. Its goal is to shift all business operations, including trading, retail, finance, and daily life, onto a single digital online shopping websites in Hong Kong to establish a distinctive digital ecosystem.

online shopping websites in Hong Kong

You might not know anything about Taobao but it has a million shops where you can buy anything you want. Taobao is a good support for everyone because it saves money and fills shopping needs. It is a big and beneficial online platform for people to trade with each other. After starting Alibaba, Jack Ma started

It is the biggest e-commerce site in the world and one of the top ten most popular sites. It is clearly China’s biggest e-commerce site, with more than 600 million active users every month and close to 60% of e-commerce sales. It is used by most Chinese people and more and more people in Asia and around the globe.


As one of the biggest online shopping websites in Hong Kong Carousell is a community marketplace and classifieds site in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, TaiwanMalaysia, and Indonesia where you can buy and sell clothes, makeup products, handphones, pcs, household equipment, books, luxuries, cars, bicycles, etc. Carousell Protection makes it safer for you to purchase things. Carousell will hold on to your money until you get what you bought.

amazon is the largest online store in the world, the biggest among online shopping websites in Hong Kong and a well-known cloud service provider.
Amazon started as an online bookstore, but it has grown into an internet-based business focusing on e-commerce, cloud technology, digital broadcasting, and artificial intelligence (AI).
Using an Amazon-to-buyer sales model, the company has a vast selection of products that lets people buy almost anything, such as clothes, beauty products, delicious food, jewelry, publications, movies, electronic parts, etc.
Amazon is based in Seattle but has websites, software development centers, customer service centers, data centers, and fulfillment centers worldwide. Sourcing

online shopping websites in Hong Kong

Suppose you need a partner with experience and reliability to help your business grow. In that case, Sourcing uses the latest technology and an outstanding customer success team to match buyers and sellers from all over the world that want online shopping from Hong Kong.

Here are some reasons why you should use Sourcing:
-Our platform uses AI and machine learning to make personalized product suggestions

-Over 131,000 high-end suppliers offer a diverse range of goods in 510+ categories.

-Reliable platform with 51 offices around the world and approval from third-party groups

For those who want to do online shopping from Hong Kong Price is the best place to compare prices in Hong Kong. It has prices for more than 230,000 products, such as phones, computers, and other electronics. Its the best place to compare prices in Hong Kong.
Information and prices on a vast number of products are updated every day. Whether you want to buy gadgets, household appliances, or gifts, Price gives you a lot of information about each product and makes it easy to find the one you want.

Methods of Payment in Online Shopping Websites in Hong Kong

payment online shopping from Hong Kong

There are many payment methods available in online shopping websites in Hong Kong. These include cash, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and more. There are many payment methods available in Hong Kong. These include cash, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers and more. You can use either the regular Octopus card or the Octopus Plus to pay for public transportation in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong dollar is the currency of Hong Kong.

Here Are The Most Used Payment Methods You Can Use When online shopping from Hong Kong:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Debt
  • Interest
  • Digital Wallets
  • PayMe
  • AlipayHK
  • Apple Pay
  • Octopus card
  • FPS (Faster Payment System)
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
payment hk2

How Does The Process of Shipping From Hong Kong Look Like?

Hong Kong has its own customs area that is separate from the rest of China. Hong Kong has an important system for regulating trade that is based on multilateral export control systems. Our governments have always worked together to keep and improve measures to stop illegal deviation of controlled items. Many shipments leave Hong Kong these days and go all over the world.

If you want to buy from online shopping websites in Hong Kong and ship it to your country, you can simply ask the DDPHK proficient team to assist with the process from A to Z; however, here we provided a list that helps you gain perspective on this subject:

Choose The Product And Make The Purchase

Regardless of what your business is and what commodity suits your trading needs best, you must choose a product that is high quality but with the lowest price possible while online shopping from Hong Kong. Choose a supplier that offers the best customer services and has a good track record in the business and also try to make a long-term partnership with them to get the best cooperation and price.

define your shipping method

before getting any quotation for your shipping you must define which method of shipping you prefer. This way your freight forwarder can give you a more specific and better quotation too.

Here are the main shipping methods that you must choose among them:

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight LCL
  • Sea freight FCL
  • Door to Door shipping by air
  • Door to Door shipping by sea
  • Rail freight
  • Truck freight

Choose a Shipping Agent In Hong Kong

A shipping agent or a freight forwarder can give you quotations for the freight, help you with the bookings, clear the customs, transportation of the goods to the destination, and after that, delivery them to the given address.

They help you be informed about the status of your cargo; they know the carriers and shipping lines better, and the costs will be so much lower if you get help from a reliable shipping agent that knows the market well.

choose the incoterms correctly

The trade terms help people avoid expensive misunderstandings by making it clear what needs to be done, how much it will cost, and what risks are involved in getting goods from sellers to buyers. it will make it clear to you, your supplier, and your forwarder to know that who is responsible for what and who is paying for what.

Customs Clearance , and Other Documentations

If you are not familiar with the customs clearance process its better to ask someone or your forwarder to do so for you. the goods have to go through the customs declaration in Hong Kong and in the destination country.

Delivering The Goods To The Given Address

Again you can ask your freight forwarder to deliver the goods from the port to your address or you can simply collect them yourself.


When you want to do online shopping from Hong Kong whether you are starting a new business or you simply want to buy personal stuff from Hong Kong colorful online market you can go to one the websites above and start the amazing experience of online shopping in Hong Kong websites.

What are the top online shopping websites in Hong Kong?

With the increase in online shopping, it’s hard to keep track of all the top online shopping websites in Hong Kong. For example Sourcing,,

what are the major payment methods in Hong Kong online shopping websites?

Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Debt, Digital Wallets, AlipayHK
Apple Pay

What are some tips for using a shipping agent in HK?

– get multiple quotes from multiple shipping companies
– make sure you’re getting a good deal on these purchases too!
– Find out what types of products they can ship and find out whether or not they have warehouses in HK.

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